A Prayer

I’ve been praying for months, with the same prayer over and over

Almost not a single day I missed

A prayer to get an answer, response for a decision

A prayer with a crystal clear right-or-wrong answer

A simple question, a really simple one


With Your all-knowing-ness, I ask for a guidance

If this is good for me, for my life, for my ever after, destine it and make it easy for me, then grace me with this


if this is not good for me, for my life, and for my ever after,

please make it hard for me to get, keep it away from me, as far as possible, until it looks impossible

make it so hard, so I will stop trying

make it further when I get closer, twice as much

because You know, I am bad at giving up something


And indeed, I am bad at surrendering

Even these problems can’t even make me stop or think but keep walking

But at this very time, I suddenly stop and looking everything in a wider perspective


Yes, He has replied my prayer

He replied, but not by fulfilling my desire


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